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N95 PTP Opensuse

In linux, opensuse, phones, tech on December 13, 2007 at 8:48 pm

I was playing around with the USB mode options on my N95 today  when I stumbled across something I find pretty nifty. I had selected Image Print mode just for the hell of it. To my surprise, my opensuse OS popped the hardware detection window. Intriguing. The possible options included using Digicam to open the albums on the phone and opening them with konqueror. I chose konqueror. Next thing I know, I am looking at a folder containing pictures from my N95. Erp.

Why am I surprised? You see, I have always transferred pictures off of my digital camera using this method. The last thing I expected was to see this on my phone. I knew the N95 supported PictBridge, so when I selected Image Print mode, I though the phone would look for a printer and time out or something when it couldn’t find one. Anyway, yes, I am quite happy to see the picture transfer protocol (PTP) is supported by the phone.

I went ahead and fired up digicam because it is such a great program. Screenies below.


Digicam autodetected the N95 as a camera. Cool!


My phone’s gallery with some night shots I took the other day.

digicam2.png digicam1.png

Even the metadata info is populated when using PTP.

I thought I knew everything about the phone by now. I’m glad to see I was wrong.